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What’s wrong with the world today is the portrayal of what is “the norm.” We glamorize divorce, murder, cheating, promiscuity, reliance on technology, and staying indoors to live in a virtual society or play out characters with a click of a button beyond our wildest imagination. I do admit I watch The Andy Griffith show on repeat daily, I Love Lucy more than I care to count, the Brady Bunch, and more TvLand classics. Why? I want that life. I want the values, the family guidance, the simple times those shows portrayed. They may have left out whatever else may be going on in the real world, but those shows focused on morals and a social structure that we could all re-learn from. You went to church on Sundays, you ate dinner together as a family at the table, your neighbors were NEIGHBORS, not strangers that moved in down the block that you have never seen, kids played outside without fear running with make-believe play that was simple and constructive, you could eat food picked right off the vine without worry of deadly pesticides. You may argue that we as society cannot further ourselves without advancements, change, people live longer now due to newfound knowledge, equal rights for everyone. You see, the problem with equal rights for everyone equates to someone whose rights are different than yours may feel offended and vice versa. No one can be pleased. People live longer, yes. That’s wonderful in a sense, but if their lives are a constant battle between good and evil, medications for the 20 medical conditions they’ve been told they have…where’s the good? It’s late and I ramble, I know, but it’s hard sometimes to step outside of my bubble, to go to town and worry about someone crazy harming my daughter or myself. It’s a cruel world. People are full of entitlement, a lack of moral dignity, a loss of pride in working for what they have, and a feeling that they deserve it and so-and-so doesn’t. You should earn your keep. What happened to the times where it was an embarrassment to live on government assistance and where marriage was a sacred bond and the first step to building a family? I understand things happen, but we were once taught that sex was between 2 people in love-not a man or woman you don’t know their name and end up with a child whom you have no idea who the father is. Man up, fess up, use a condom…better yet have sex after you’re married. No worries there. Our problem today all stems from the fact that society has gone to hell in a handbasket. There is nothing out there that is too taboo nowadays. And yes, if I breastfeed my child you better know I will cover up. I’m all for breastfeeding rights, but if you’re letting that boob sway in the breeze you’ve gone from empowerment to turning the ground you stand on into a personal nudist colony. It’s a personal bond, be proud, but don’t be an ass. Want to talk about religion? Let’s talk, shall we? God loves me. God loves you. I’m a Christian and proud of it. Do I go to church regularly? Nope. Do I pray? Yes. Do I feel right with my Lord? You betcha. Is that any of your business? Nope. One thing I will shake my head at is those that use religion so negatively and not just those that use their religion as an excuse to kill. Everyone is entitled to their own religion, but don’t force yours on me and I won’t force mine on you.

One more thing before I go. Most people in this great nation of ours should log off and pick up a history book, or two, or ten. There’s so many things today that you could probably sit and write down how history is repeating itself. Humans will self-destruct one day and I’m not too sure it is all that far away. We’re all doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past with the ignorance of today. You read an article on Facebook, you share it (it’s false, by-the-way) and before you know it America is banning this or groups are lobbying that. One spiteful individual spreading a lie about someone that pissed them off just destroyed a person’s life. It’s insanity. Step outside into the real world and open your eyes. Are you really that full of hate or do you grow balls behind a keyboard? There’s so much to be said about racism, sexual discrimination, hate, moral dignity, religion, history in and of itself. We’re all humans. Love each other or at the very least, respect each other. You do you and I’ll do me. There’s no reason why we all can’t live in the same world and thrive, but thrive in our own positive ways without bringing someone else down. I’ll shoot my gun, worship my Lord, love my husband, raise my daughter in a way that I see fit that will lead her to hopefully be a person of integrity and sound morals. Don’t tell me I’m wrong and I won’t tell you the same. I’ll respect you if you respect me.

…And I’ll continue to watch The Andy Griffith Show on repeat.



Hello, World.

Today is just a normal day. I slept in late after the hubby scurried off to work. Changed several million dollars, fixed several bottles, cleaned up RC Cola off literally everything in my kitchen from a malfunctioning box causing cans to hit the ground and explode..ya know-normal things.

I also applied to be a personal shopper for Kmart and Sears. Let me know how I can help find you a great deal!

Bare with me as I dig deep and learn this whole blogging thing. What is my blog about? A little bit of this, a little bit of that… My randomness, I’m sure a touch of couponing here and there. Who knows what will show up.